Training and Certification

            A process of certification was created for Acting and Singing with Archetypes to assist in providing evidence of additional training and expertise particularly for university positions. This is offered to serve the profession and to continue the development and dissemination of this work.

            To qualify for certification, one must have completed a one week Acting and Singing with Archetypes intensive taught by Janet, Frankie or a certified teacher. In some exceptions, comparable learning experience with the work may fulfill this requirement. Applicants must have had practice leading archetypal journeys based on the descriptions in the book, Acting and Singing with Archetypes. 

            Certification requires a teaching observation adjudicated by Janet, Frankie, or a certified instructor. During an observation of two or three journeys, a teacher will be evaluated on the successful creation of “structured freedom” in a safe environment by setting out the guidelines included in the book while encouraging free expression. The introduction will include a brief history of the work and answer the question – what is an archetype? Teaching the “stepping out” process and taking the group into application using monologues, songs or poems are also part of the observation. 

            Criteria necessary for achieving certification includes the ability to develop an atmosphere for participants which avoids judgement; right and wrong evaluations as well as good and bad comments are not conducive to the work. How the leader uses the voice with sufficient energy and variation to embrace the qualities of story-teller will be evaluated along with the ability to lead the group from beginning to end of the imaginative Journey. Effective pacing will be observed as leaders encourage participants to surrender to the event by allowing time for digestion, discussion, journaling, and stepping out as a methodology to remove the remnants of the archetypal explorations. 

            Guiding post-journey reflection and discussion as it relates to the artistic process as well as handling possible emotional reactions that might arise are additional skills required for certification. A leader’s ability to connect the work through application to dramatic text and/or song as an actor’s tool will be observed. An understanding of the multicultural basis for each archetype and a clear concept of the distinction between archetypes and stereotypes is essential; an awareness of the differences between archetypes of myths and legends and contemporary archetypes is also necessary for certification.